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Beneath the Jade Moon OP: Posts? 1? (Overview, Brief History),2? (Proposal Details),3 (Mechanics, Ruleset),4 (House Notes, Profiles), 5 (Other)-Starlife

Faiths of the Jade Moon-Starlife

The House of Luseysi-North King

Finished Proposal Template-Starlife

Initial Titles? -Starlife

Reference of Houses and People? -North KIng

Updated Resource Labeling? -Starlife

Map Progress Starlife

Southern JyotnunEdit

House Reinar Proposal-alex994

House Dyre Proposal-Thlayli

House Jaysiri Proposal-lord_joakim (ignored)

History and Lands of Assange? -erez87 (later Asaal)

House Assange Proposal? -erez87 (later Asaal)

Migration Waves? -erez87

House Asa'al Proposa? -erez87

Holdings and Retainers of House Reinar? -alex994

Northern JyotnunEdit

House Godhart Proposal-Azale

House Aakzid Proposal-Yui108

House Anlan Proposal-Luckymoose

House Ildra Proposal-Devercia

Thoughts on the Chibor Republic-Deverica

History Proposal-Deverica

House Aegelsig Proposal? -<nuke>

An Overview of nutranurse's Spot Starlife

A Quick Blurb? -nutranurse

Response to the Blurb? -Starlife

Western JyotnunEdit


The Shorelands-Thlayli

The Lords of the Vein? -Thlayli

Central JyotnunEdit

Pale City Intro-North King

House Cyir Proposal-Son of Erdrick

House Eyiniyas Proposal-Optical

The Cyirlands-Son of Erdrick

House Tonul Proposal-The Strategos

Retainers of House Eyiniyas-Optical

Retainers and Neighbors Galore-North King Test Interactive Map-Starlife

House Derfennisy Proposal Take 1-theDright

House Derfennisy Proposal Take 2-the Dright

An Overview for theDright? -Starlife


House Haerasii Proposal (Obsolete)-Massive Attack

House Haerasii Part 2-Massive Attack

Lumi Islands-bombshoo


House and Frontier Location-Starlife

House Qáhiriyün Proposal-Kraznaya

House Sotulyn Proposal-bombshoo

Map: Qahiriyun and Eastern Surotsi-Kraznaya

House Ranof Proposal-Owen Glyndwr

House Garasai Quacimisa Proposa? -Terrance888

A Compilation? -Terrance888 (Most obsolete)

Filler? -bombshoo

More on Garasai-Quacimisa? -Terrance888

War of the Pale BrothersEdit

A Proposal for the Forgotten War? -North King

Response in terms of Chibor? -Deverica

Proposal for Surotsi's Part? -Terrance888

"Fifty Years of Battle" Vision? -Starlife

Insightful Musings? -The Strategos

Response to Musings? -Starlife

Response to Musings? -Deverica


Names, House Migrations, Timelines-Starlife

Are Priests Celibate?-Starlife


(Outdated) Map and player List-Starlife

Foghead Preview-bombshoo

Most Recent Geo Map-Starlife

Claims Map-Starlife

Map Extravaganza-Starlife

Unnecessary amateur meterology!? -Deverica

Current Map? -Starlife

Good Map for New Players -Starlife

On Titles? -Starlife

On Shipping (Last Post)? -Starlife