The Solemn Age was, essentially, five centuries of mourning for Luseysi (800 - 1300 AR), as prescribed by the Order of the Moon. Thousands upon thousands of shrines (some extremely fantastical) were constructed (many, in the first 200 years or so, using Raayakin slave labor -- later, sometimes even using domestic slave labor, much to the ire of the populace), and priority was put on maintaining such structures (even over the well-being of citizens). It was during this time that structures dedicated to deities or lesser spirits began to contain at least one portrayal of Luseysi, or some bits of jade in their design.

Notable products of the age include the Lunar Shrine and the numerous Solemn Shrines in the Pale City.

Storm of StarsEdit

The Solemn Age was begun by a steady, centuries-long meteor shower called the Storm of Stars, which included strange fluctuations in the atmosphere; it began with hysteria, but gradually those anomalies dissipated and died out, along with any undying loyalty to the Order of the Moon and their strict policies. Some of the meteors became meteorites, and they carried a remarkably strong alloy, which was subsequently used to create extremely rare weapons (this metal is called syrlens).