Largely lost to history, Qaanoiyin is the cult of the Raayakin. It lives on mostly in its influence of the more superstitious, folksy elements of the Pale. Qaanoiyin was a cult known to revere natural and elemental spirits, genius locii, and genius animus. Some of these beliefs or stories have been adopted into the Pale as localized folk spirits, to create truly colorful tales and regional legends. Many of the Ruined Spirits of Euleshun were based off of specific geographic features (i.e., a river or a mountain), and Qaanoiyin does much of the same in its mythos; as such, some of these spirits of the land have merged with spirits of the Pale in fantastical, woven tales. Some Aulesiri do not take the Qaanoiyin cult seriously in any sense, believing it to be distracting from worship of Luseysi and his companions, and use the Raayakin stories as a device to put their children to sleep at bedtime. Others (such as those who live in or near the wilderness, or further from the Pale City) sincerely believe that Raayakin beliefs are inexplicably linked to Jyotnun and tied to the fate of the Aulesiri people; those believers tend to come from regions that employ more of the folk aspects of Qaanoiyin in their practice of the Pale, thus creating interesting amalgamated regional cults.