The Mire (or, more politely, the Merchants' Quarter) is a notoriously seedy district of the Pale City, the southernmost of the capital. Originally a large marshland, it was systematically drained and developed, at first primarily under the aegis of House Sotulyn, and then later under the management of numerous private individuals. As the farthest part of the capital from the glowing Sacred Quarter and Imperial Palace, it is also the farthest from any sort of legal supervision -- and consequently, is home to a huge number of brothels, taverns, drug houses, and crime dens, ranging from the quasi-legal to the completely illegal.

The Mire is bordered on the north by Harbortown and the Heights. The official boundary is the Salt Square, a large marketplace, traditionally for fishermen, though it must be said that the pleasure-houses begin even here.

The Old Estates are the last remaining official Sotulyn holding in the district. Otherwise, most notable landmarks are buildings like the Thousands Inn, a particularly large brothel known for catering to its namesake "thousand sins."