An enormous complex of marble, jadeite, and stone, the Lunar Shrine is often considered the center of the Pale Faith and one of the most important buildings in the Pale City, if not the whole Aulesiri Empire. Constructed as the centerpiece of the Sacred Quarter over the course of several centuries (most notably during the Solemn Age), the Lunar Shrine has triple purposes -- first, to house the few earthly remains of the holy Luseysi, second, to serve as a place of prayer and contemplation for the realm, and third, to act as the administrative center of the Pale Faith. It houses the Aulryir of Luseysi, and much of the upper clergy of the other branches of the faith.

The central shrine was designed to be more spectacular than any other construction in this world. An octagonal central chamber was constructed, more than two hundred feet across and three hundred feet high, rimmed by beautiful veined jadeite sculptures depicting scenes of piety, devotion, and the history of Luseysi and the migration. Tall, ornate windows let in light, while cleverly constructed, shaded lamps suffuse the entire chamber with a pale, green light at nighttime. The floor of the shrine is polished marble, with numerous glass patches to let sunlight down into the depths of the shrine below.

To the north and east of the central shrine, a huge complex of rooms extends far down and even into the hillside, housing thousands of monks, priests, and acolytes, as well as relics, wealth, and stores galore.