Light of the Jade Moon is a term given to the powers bestowed upon Luseysi by the mysterious, faceless energy of the pale-green moon that ominously orbits the world of Jade Moon. The light of the moon was a formidable power that could be used to pathfind, channel, and engage in flawless precognition. With this power, Luseysi was able to see the moon through the apocalyptic ash clouds that covered the sky, and could direct the moon's bright beams in any direction, using them for a variety of purposes. Some even speculate that he could alter the orbit of the moon.

The first use of the light of the moon was in finding scattered Aulesiri chiefdoms throughout the vast and broken Euleshun steppes. From village to village Luseysi traveled, and people joined his entourage, and he in turn protected them from creatures and the dangers of the Ruin. With the light of the moon, Luseysi dispersed ash clouds with his use of the light of the moon. He formed defensive walls around thousands as vicious creatures descended upon the Aulesiri migration in a fit of primal survival. He melted the neverending browning snows and warmed the earth with his touch. The Aulesiri people were protected and guided by his powers of the moonlight. The pale-green of the essence wisped through the apocalyptic reality of Euleshun, and comforted the ailing people.

Perhaps Luseysi's greatest use of the light of the moon was the forming of a light bridge between Euleshun and Jyotnun. The obscure power of the moon would be seen in a diverse range of forms up until Luseysi's death, including in the transformation of his physical body in the pale-skinned and green-eyed prophet that all Aulesiri remember him as (espcially seeing as his ancestors would unwaveringly display such remarkable traits).