Luseysi Sigil

The coat of arms of the Imperial Family.

House Luseysi is the ruling house of the Empire, and has been since its inception by the eponymous founder of the dynasty, Luseysi. Over the course of the more than one thousand years in between, House Luseysi's fortunes have varied almost directly with those of the Empire itself. The holdings of the Imperial Family are located almost entirely within the valley of the Blessed River, centered on the capital of the Empire, the Pale City.

The quite literally semi-divine regard which the rest of the realm has held for the Imperial Family has meant any challenge to their rule has come from within the family itself, most notably in the case of the War of the Pale Brothers. Otherwise, the Emperors are regarded as keepers of a sacred bloodline, potentially with mystically potent powers; even their wives have to be ritually "transformed" in order to marry into the house.

Retainers Edit

Obviously, every house in the realm owes allegiance to the Imperial Family. But there are a few of local importance who owe fealty to no lord but the Emperor himself. Most notably, these are:

The Lords of Luseysi's Fist: Edit

House Hirau

The Lords of the Blessed Lands Edit