"No slave to destiny."

The Godharts: a family of Elder Blood, and of great purity. Five centuries after the Ruin, the Godharts tamed and settled a sizable dominion around Lake Tares (then, Lake of the Travels). One cannot mention Godhart history without also mentioning the Painted Children, the Raayakin. House Godhart bore much of the Raayakin resistance, often suffering as a result, but eventually carving out a prestigious name for themselves because of it. The Godharts were instrumental in the taming of the north, the great wildernesses around and beyond the Eulechn and River Fyis.

Indeed, throughout much of pre-War history, the Godharts and the Eyiniyasi supported each other against violent early Raayakin incursions, maintaining passage across the Green Neck and cooperating with the minor houses there, while both maintaining such a delicate purity of blood. Their methods may have been less than... clean... but the result was a surefire way to win glory and honor in the court and beyond.

After taming the region, the Godharts developed into rulers of a populous rice farming and iron mining domain, while also engaging in a successful timber trade (and during much of the Solemn Age, encampments of Raayakin were maintained and used as slaves).

House Godhart emerged as one of the foremost houses in the realm, and a bastion of the north. Their influence became so exceptional that they began to have direct control over many affairs within the League of Chibor, going so far as to depose the ruling house of the Second League, and thus install one of their own allies as ruler of the Third League (and Godhart influence over Chibor would remain through the Solemn Age and beyond; the reasons for this coup are directly related to Chibor's infighting, which was interrupting trade and enveloping towns outside of traditional Chibor lands). This event would eventually form the backbone of Auren I's initial support in his war against the False Stone, when House Godhart used its clout (and it's successful, prosperous "godfather" position over Chibor) to convince the League to go to war.

War of the Pale BrothersEdit

The Godharts added thousands upon thousands of troops to the ranks of Auren I's army, and supported the brother unquestionably. Additionally, throughout that time (and with House Cyir), House Godhart provided much of the steel that would reach Auren I's army (as well as ample foodstuffs). The victory was good for the Godharts, but the war was costly in many ways; the Godhart domain saw a dramatic population decrease (due to raised and killed soldiers; no fighting actually reached Lake Tares), though in the past two decades, it has begun to climb once more. Currently, House Godhart continues to have exceptional voice in the houses of the League of Chibor, though that voice has been muted somewhat by the emergence of House Ildra.