The Cyirlands (note: outdated map; there are no jadeite deposits)

Holding dominion over the Iron City of Cyirden, House Cyir has long presided over the distribution of all things metal originating from the Low Valley's surrounding peaks. The sky over the Low Valley is often gloomy and overcast, a firmament representing the faces of the miners who work tirelessly in the mountains and the smiths who sleep in their forges. The story of the current Cyir line is one filled with tragedy and sadness, and many a song have been crafted in response.

The War of the Pale Brothers

In the early stages of the War of the Pale Brothers, the then-Knight Lyelt Cyir, the "Stone-Hearted", pledged allegiance to Auren I, and began a popular uprising in the Low Valley, currying favor due to his ancestry. The Solemn Age had taken quite a harsh toll on the Low Valley, practically enslaving miners and their brethren, and creating a twisted landscape of unregulated metalworks and broken families. After the Solemn Age, this trend continued while all else changed, and the elder Lyelt Cyir had had enough. The Low Valley successfully freed itself from the shackles of the then-emperor, and forged weapons for the usurper [the Iron Rebellion]. The victory was met with a vengeful response, as a jade army of monumental size invaded the Low Valley and slaughtered many in a bloody confrontation [Massacre of the Low Valley, the Battle of Dymir, the First Siege of Ywsset]. Lyelt Cyir, commander of the garrison at Ywsset, put up a valiant defensive effort, but was ultimately outnumbered. As the False Stone's army penetrated Ywsset, the survivors, Lyelt and his family and a smattering of knights, attempted to fight -- all were killed, except Lyelt, who was forced to watch his family executed before he was taken prisoner.

The Low Valley did not remain in the False Stone's hands for long, as renewed calls for rebellion and assistance from lords on the upper Esot would eventually free the valley once more [the Battle of Eshwash, the Second Siege of Ywsset], and allow its resilient residents to continue their immensely useful supply shuttles to the usurper's fledgling army. For his efforts, the broken Lyelt Cyir was made a count by the usurper, and with his newfound power, he rebuilt the Low Valley into the prosperous, growing domain it is today.