Until ~60 years ago, the domain of House Aakzid belonged to the Earldom of Anlan. The relationship between Aakzid (rather, the two prominent families that would eventually form Aakzid) and Anlan goes back almost a millennium. A severe rift between the major farming/trapping and gold-mining/merchant territories of the Northern Eye developed as House Anlan descended further into a black hole of debt. While this rift was not hostile, a distinct culture emerged throughout these two radically different portions of the Anlan domain.

The first lord of the Viscounty of Aakzid was Lerdane Aakzid. He died shortly after the creation of the viscounty, and was followed by his son and current lord Edane.

The nomenclature of the Aakzid name is more akin to modern Aulesiri naming customs, rather than those of Elder Blood; indeed, even to modern naming customs, "Aakzid" might seem odd. The name is actually the combination of a farming and trapping family (Aakland and Teruzid), a union that occurred roughly a century before the end of the Solemn Age. Both of those families were of Elder Blood themselves, having settled down shortly after the first stages of the Aulesiri migrations.

Today, House Aakzid is known for its valuable furs and isolation from the affairs of the empire.

War of the Pale BrothersEdit

House Aakzid came to be as a direct result of the War of the Pale Brothers. Ruling from Delkalb, a prominent shrine to Imisau had exerted imperial control over the Northern Eye for quite some time. When House Anlan threw its lot in with Auren I, Anlan armies prepared for a long-term siege of Delkalb. However, the market city was surrounded by disgruntled farming estates and the marginalized trappers further north, who had long been under the boot of Old Order policies. The cultural divide between two radically different portions of the Anlan domain was thus put aside, and for the first time in many centuries, the fragile Anlan domain worked in unison (in the siege and subsequent battle of Delkalb).

Following the siege, the most prominent of farming estate owners, Lerdane Aazkid, lobbied the Anlan patriarch, and Auren I, for his own status in the halls of the empire's nobility; subsequently, Auren I awarded the lord with a new viscounty, separate from the domain of the Earldom of Anlan. Hesitantly, House Anlan accepted Lerdane Aakzid's claim (perhaps moreso because the somewhat affluent lord offered a sum of money to the Anlans for the land).