The Forgotten Emperor (also known as The False Stone, or by loyalists as The True Stone) was Emperor of the realm from 1297 to 1351, though he spent the entirety of that time fighting with his brother Auren I for control of it. Supported by the religious and conservative interests of the aristocracy, the Forgotten Emperor was seen as the "safe" candidate for succession, which caused many to label him as a ruler who would return the empire to the days of the Solemn Age. Ultimately, the War of the Pale Brothers would not break in his favor; he was defeated by Auren and executed by his brother, being tied in a weighted sack and thrown into the sea from the Bloodstone. Auren subsequently banned all mention in speech or writing of his brother's name, and struck it from all public monuments, seeking to purge it from the historical record entirely. To this day, uttering his name is considered a capital crime.

Certain elements in the realm still view the Forgotten Emperor as the rightful successor to the throne, and his brother as a disgraceful usurper, but these have thus far been completely repressed.