The Emperors of the Pale have ruled in a long, unbroken line of succession dating back to the reign of the realm's founder -- the semi-mythical Luseysi who gave the Imperial House its name. The current Emperor is Auren II, recently succeeded to the throne.

The Imperial Line Edit

Luseysi (b. 23 before the Ruin; r. 0-303 AR)
Keresen I (b. 230 AR; r. 304-380 AR)
Kyurili I (b. 350 AR; r. 380-412 AR)
Kyurili II (b. 374 AR; r. 412-444 AR)
Tares I (b. 752 AR; r. 784-831 AR)
Tares II (b. 785 AR; r. 831-832 AR)
Nosyan I (b. 811 AR; r. 832-899 AR)
Tares III (b. 1221 AR; r. 1265-1297 AR)
The Forgotten Emperor [name officially stricken from the record] (b. 1272 AR; r. 1297-1351 AR)
Auren I (b. 1276 AR; r. [1297] 1351-1370 AR)
Tarasen (1310-1365 AR)
Auren II (b. 1342 AR; r. 1370- AR)