Benefry is the second-largest city on the Blessed River, roughly a third of the way up the waterway from the Pale City, and directly within the lands of House Luseysi. Founded in the 600s AR, it grew rapidly, as the Blessed Valley was intensely cultivated to feed the growing capital city. By the start of the Solemn Age, it had grown into a bustling town; far from the influences of the Pale, it could flourish unbothered by the infamously greedy priesthood of the time. This period continued almost up to the present day, when the War of the Pale Brothers came knocking at the city's gates.

Square in the path of Auren I's armies as they advanced on the Pale City, Benefy's fields were ravaged by the hungry host, and the city itself was reduced after a short siege, and sacked quite brutally. The city has not recovered under the reign of Auren, though the pace of rebuilding has recently accelerated. It is governed by a mayor elected by the city notables, under an independent charter directly from the Emperor.

Despite the destruction, Benefry still holds a number of large public buildings, including a lovely town hall and a subdued, copper-roofed shrine near the center of the city.