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Jyotnun and Surotsi; the world of Jade Moon

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Beneath the Jade Moon is a Never Ending Story located on the Civfanatics Forum. Jade Moon is many things, but it could perhaps be best described as a collaborative worldbuilding project that incorporates gaming and story elements. The world has been pre-developed by various players, and comes with a detailed history and analysis of past events. Our world currently has a technology level similar to that of Earth's late medieval period. There is a subtle tinge of fantasy to the overall experience and world of Jade Moon, which often gives way to more overt fantasy themes.

Within this "NES", each player assumes control of one of many houses/families or political entities within the realm. Each house and its surroundings and relationships to other houses have all been pre-developed. There is no single goal to the Jade Moon experience, and every house is different, with its own unique background, mindset, and mentality. The realm is technically referred to as the Aulesiri Empire, and most of the people living within it are "Aulesiri"; emperors come from House Luseysi, related by blood to the Great Prophet Luseysi, who led the Aulesiri from the northern continent when natural disasters brought ruin to their ancestral lands. I invite you to browse this wiki for further information on these and other events.

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This wiki is to serve as the primary reference guide to the Jade Moon world. It contains encyclopedic content and information on geographic regions, family trees, character histories, regional customs, religious practices, and so on. The entries here are designed to elaborate upon subjects or themes found within the NES; this wiki is not designed to hold current statistics or other relevant gameplay/mechanics information.

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