The Baths of Tamaren were an excess constructed by a bored member of a lesser branch of House Luseysi, who built them in the reign of his cousin, Alurei I, in 599 AR. A rather gaudy pile of marble and gilt on the southern bank of the Blessed River, the Baths were a traditional haunt of the aristocracy. Over the intervening centuries, however, the coats of gold paint, both literal and proverbial, wore off. Eventually, the Baths became a rather run-down, ugly remnant of the pre-Solemn Age Empire, particularly compared to the much more beautiful Lunar Shrine and Bridges of Kyurili.

They were renovated in the age of the Emperor Tares III, immediately before the start of the War of the Pale Brothers. They are today a well-used, extensive, if fairly bland bathhouse.