Luseysi Sigil

The coat of arms of the Imperial Family.

Auren II
(Pale Emperor of Jyotnos and Surotsi, Son of the Son, Chosen of the Moon, Light of the Wanderers, Lord of the Aulesiri, Protector of the Rayaakin, Guardian of the Order of the Moon, Keeper of the Solemn Shrines) is the head of House Luseysi, current emperor of the realm, and the grandson and successor of Auren I.

Born in 1342 to Crown Prince Tarasen and his wife, Palamei of House Reinar, Auren II was raised in the relative seclusion of the Imperial Palace, along with his younger brother Fyrdes. His childhood passed relatively uneventfully, and he almost never interacted with the common people; indeed, only the upper echelons of the nobility could actually meet him in person. To the vast majority of the Empire, he was merely another face at court. Engaged to Irial of House Sotulyn, he married her in a sumptuous ceremony at the Palace in 1363. He was predeceased by his father Tarasen, who died in a hunting accident; thus, on the death of his grandfather Auren I in 1370, he succeeded to the throne.

Issue Edit

All by his wife Irial nee Sotulyn.

Prince Mares, born 1364.
Prince Alurei, born 1368.
Princess Luriana, born 1366.