Luseysi Sigil

The coat of arms of the Imperial Family.

Auren I
(also known as the Usurper) was Emperor of the realm from 1297 (disputed; his uncontested reign began in 1351) to 1370. Younger brother of the Forgotten Emperor, his claim to the crown was supported by a number of discontented factions in the empire, particularly those marginalized by the thorough spiritualization of Aulesiri society. About 17 when he first started his war to win the crown, and already an old man when he finally defeated his brother and gained the throne, it is said that in his old age he barely wanted to fight anymore; it was merely the momentum of the fifty-year war that had kept him going. By the time he had defeated his brother and ordered his execution, he was already seventy years old. The last twenty years of his reign were spent in senescence and grief, during which time the provincial warlords gained still more power.

He married the Princess Palamei formerly of House Reinar; their only child was Tarasen, who predeceased him. He was succeeded by his grandson, Auren II.

Issue Edit

Crown Prince Tarasen (predeceased him; never succeeded to the throne)