The Aulesiri Ruin (or simply "the Ruin") was the complete annihilation of the Aulesiri ancestral homeland in the northern continent of Euleshun. It began with a series of volcanic eruptions linked to the Earth's Vein, continued with a dramatic shaking and breaking of the earth in major Aulesiri population centers on the Vein's faultline, and ended with a complete blocking of the sun and conditions not dissimilar to a nuclear winter.

While details of the Ruin are scarce today, it is said that some of the greatest concentrations of Aulesiri chiefdoms and trading cities was on a valley-steppe surrounded by seemingly dormant volcanoes. The eruption of a major volcano led to an unstoppable chain of eruptions and a general change in the region's geographic layout. Hundreds of thousands of people perished in the disaster.

It was after the Ruin and during its subsequent apocalyptic madness that Luseysi rose to prominence by being endowed with the light of the Jade Moon.